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More environmentally conscious


As a software company, with no physical manufacturing facility, our overall environmental impact is relatively low. But this doesn't stop us from recognising our responsibility and making a positive difference for people and the planet.

We're climate positive

As of 2021, Cognni is proud to offset 125% of our carbon emissions to climate positive projects.

For Cognni, reducing our emissions to zero is not enough to tackle the climate crisis. So we're taking action by catalysing more greenhouse gas reductions and removals than we emit.

We've made big changes throughout our supply chain to reduce our emissions, from raw materials to product end of life. Where it is not possible to eliminate emissions completely, we're committed to purchasing carbon credits to offset our impact.

Impact report

Offsetting carbon, the gold standard way

We do things ethically. We know where our carbon credits go, how they contribute to environmental projects, and how these projects are regulated. It is important to us that we work with not only a climate positive organisation, but also a non-profit.

The Gold Standard is one of the most widely respected carbon standards. It ensures that carbon-reducing projects meet the highest levels of environmental integrity and contribute to sustainable development.

Gold standard

Every Drop Matters

Through Gold Standard projects, we're supporting TerraClear's water purifier project in Laos, helping to improve living standards and have a climate positive impact.

In Laos, over 80% of households must boil water to make it safe to drink. With a water filter at home, families can produce safe water every day, preventing deadly illnesses. TerraClear provides safe drinking water through the manufacture and distribution of more than 33,000 ceramic filters, reaching an estimated 150,000 people in over 500 villages.

These filters do more than fending off thirst and illness. Without the need for boiling water, families burn less wood and fossil fuels, reducing smoke in the kitchen and protecting Laos from further deforestation.

15,000 tonnes of Co2 saved annually

20-30L of filtered water Average daily household consumption

32,000 households benefitting from water filter

For every 1000 credits purchased* =

25 cases of Acute Lower Respspiratory Infection (ALRI) treatment avoided

12ha of deforestation avoided, worth $15,000

*Figures are based on Social Return on Investment (SROI) of Nexus for Development's model for the project's last monitoring period (MP2, July 2016).

Less road and air miles

We are committed to reducing the need for unnecessary business travel, encouraging our people to work from home where possible, and implementing more sustainable forms of transport at Cognni.

We evaluate the need for every business trip, national or international.

We attend meetings via video conferencing wherever possible.

We provide practical training videos to our employees and clients.

Less waste

Small actions go a long way. We only consume the energy and resources we need.

As part of our Environmental Management Policy, we have systems in place to reduce waste generation, recycling wherever possible and donating electronic hazardous waste to a specialist disposal service.

Paperless where possible

Sustainability guidelines for remote workers

Hazardous waste disposed of responsibly

Our policy
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