Inspiring innovative thinking in an ever-changing industry


The Overview

Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company based in the UK. It provides mobile and broadband services to over 625 million customers across 65 countries, making it one of the world's largest telcos.

On New Year's Day in 1985, Vodafone made the first mobile phone call in the UK. Today, the company is a household name with one purpose: to connect for a better future. In doing so, Vodafone keeps family, friends, business and governments connected and - as the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated - its network plays a vital role in keeping critical sectors like education and healthcare operating effectively.


The Challenge

Telecommunications is a dynamic industry that is fuelled by ever evolving innovations and technological advances. This means that for Vodafone to stay ahead of the curve, it needs to have access to the latest industry trends and insights in order to provide a top-quality communications experience.

However, Vodafone's internal platform for housing these valuable insights and research documents was too basic. The interface was lacking, and accessing the platform was time consuming, as employees needed to gain permission - something that wasn't always available out of hours. Instead, Vodafone required a user-friendly technology that enabled its employees to share and access relevant information anytime, anywhere. A modern platform that would make valuable knowledge more connected.

This is where Cognni comes in

The Solution

Cognni tailored its unique technology to grant all Vodafone employees (nationally and internationally) easy access to the same knowledge and insights. This has allowed Vodafone to work smarter with the wider business, while saving precious time and money that might otherwise have been spent on unnecessarily repeating existing research.

Essentially, the efficient platform is an 'enabler' for the business. It enables Vodafone to make customer-led decisions and inspires imaginative thinking that's valuable in an everchanging industry.

Vodafone also utilises Cognni's custom newsletter capability to encourage the platform's use and get essential information to the people who need it.

The weekly newsletter is emailed to approximately 18,000 employees and has a readership base of 67%

That's around 12,000 employees across various departments at Vodafone who engage with the top new reports each week. The result is a more dynamic, agile and competitive business that goes above and beyond

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