Enhancing collaboration with an intuitive insight-driven platform


The Overview

BT is a British multinational telecommunications company that provides communications solutions and services to customers worldwide. The company offers fixed-line, broadband, mobile, and TV products and services as well as networked IT solutions.

For over 180 years, BT has worked with purpose, using the power of communications to make a better world - from supporting emergency services and hospitals, to keeping economies online and secure, and delivering large-scale infrastructure for global events.


The Challenge

BT has a strong, established insight department that supports their strategic decision-making and day-to-day operations. After acquiring the EE brand, BT was left with two legacy insight delivery platforms, which were no longer fit for purpose. Usage of both was declining, as users found it difficult to identify relevant research. Synergies achieved through employee collaboration were also limited, as there was little visibility for the extensive insight work done internally.

Cognni provided an intuitive platform tailored to BT's requirements

The Solution

Cognni developed a unique, fully branded platform, structured around BT's internal set-up of insight teams and lines of business.

Users can easily access internal research, contact authors, and browse over 30 external insight sources. The structure is also easy to edit and update, as the organization and technology evolves, without having to rebuild it from scratch every time.

This approach means the insight team saves valuable time answering simple requests and can focus their energy on complex, high-priority projects that add more value. The result? 10,000 users in just 9 months since launch.

10,000 users in 9 months since launch

The Result

Having seen the value that the new platform has brought to its business, BT is now using Cognni's technology to launch two more internal platforms. Both support the increasing demand for user-friendly knowledge delivery systems across the business areas.

1. The Base Hub will be the central point for all branding-related information. It will have a similar look and feel to the Insight Hub, but be structured around BT brands such as BT, EE and Plusnet.

2. The Competitive Hub will launch in January 2022, and is custom built for BT's call centres and stores. It will enable support and sales staff to easily access all available deals and compare them to its competitors. By collating multiple data sources, it will provide staff with the very latest information, to ensure BT's clients get the best deals possible.

"Having a technology partner like Cognni, that specialises in knowledge management, has transformed the way BT delivers insight to the business. Great emphasis has been placed on usability and interface, and making insight and information available in an easy-to-digest way. All other companies we spoke to focused on features, whereas Cognni focused on what we wanted to achieve as a business objective and it made all the difference."

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