What we do

Everything you need and nothing you don't


An Industry leading knowledge management platform

With Cognni you can combine all your research, insights and data into an easy to access, simple and intuitive platform. We make the research and data that you have invested in easier to find, easier to consume and easier to share - making it easier for you to make better decisions.

Engage your business
Engage your business

How we do it

We start with knowledge not assumptions

Your Cognni implementation is delivered in three smart stages: Evaluate, Embed and Evolve. Our smart stages have been designed to place your organisation's and user's needs at the heart of the platform. We don't build features, functions and modules you won't use, we give you everything you need and nothing you don't.



During our evaluation phase, we uncover exactly what you need, to provide your business with a truly effective solution. We'll work with you to understand who is responsible for insights across your business; The workflows or processes that can be streamlined and enhanced; How your knowledge is acquired, shared, and stored.

With this understanding, we'll distil your data to discover new ideas, find missing links, and use networking analysis to improve connections between users. Then we'll deliver a platform that's specific to your business and evolves with your needs. No costly off-the-shelf adaptions or generic 'it'll do for now' solutions.



Our experts work with you to seamlessly integrate the Cognni platform into your business, maximizing its value from day one with no training necessary. We will collate and upload the content you've gathered over the years onto your new system, whilst minimizing the impact on your day-to-day work. Our team of designers will work to create a stunning portal that matches your brand and engages your users, and we can connect directly with your IT teams to ensure users can quickly and securely access your system, whatever the requirements.

Our mission is to embed Cognni into your culture. Rather than sending attachments over email, your teams can share, upload and direct others to a centralized hub of information. We have a variety of techniques to engage your audience, from driving usage with newsletters to phased rollouts, increasing adoption throughout your organization. Together, we'll decide what works best for your business to ensure Cognni is a powerful asset.



Post-launch, we will continue to optimize your solution based on your evolving goals and objectives, ensuring it always remains relevant. By capturing and measuring usage information across all areas of your service, we will arm you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Our intuitive reporting dashboards will show you what good looks like. Generate an executive summary or dive deeper to into the data to garner understanding. Feedback from your platform can help you manage your relationships with vendors - for example, requesting a change to report topics or presentation styles, even renegotiating pricing if effectiveness figures drop. It can help you to avoid commissioning unnecessary or duplicated reports and focus in on the topics of most value to your business. Our whole life service monitors your site's performance as it grows. That way, we can implement changes, like phasing in new features or adding pages, so your solution evolves with you and always remains relevant.

Who are we doing it for

Leaders of world-class companies trust Cognni to enhance their business.

Transform knowledge
into advantage

Create a culture of knowledge sharing across your organization. Talk to us about your knowledge management solution.

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